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It is common knowledge that getting divorced can be one of the most stressful experiences of their lives. They also know that it can be very expensive, but tend not to really understand what a divorce proceeding in New York “looks like”. This makes a lot of sense. Unless you have been divorced multiple times, or unless you happen to be a divorce attorney, it is not the type of thing that you would know about.

From a judicial perspective, a divorce is essentially the human equivalent of a corporate dissolution. Determine who owes what and who gets what. If you have children the process is generally more complicated, because now parenting schedules need to be determined, as well as child support. Depending on the parties finances, the length of the marriage, and other factors, spousal maintenance, which is often referred to as alimony, may also be an issue that needs to be resolved.

A divorce does not necessarily have to be overly expensive, or emotionally draining. It is generally suggested that you hire an attorney to provide legal counsel, so there is a certain built in expense, and even divorces that proceed on the most amicable of terms can be nerve-racking.

The best way to proceed as a party to a divorce action is to make sure you have as much information as possible pertaining to applicable divorce laws and how the judicial process, with respect to matrimonial proceedings, works.