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Why is gray divorce becoming more common?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Divorce

“Gray divorce” describes couples filing for divorce after at least one party is 50 years of age.

For several years the rate of gray divorces has been increasing rapidly. This is happening for several reasons, including some of the most common causes and reasons for gray divorce. 

The stigma attached to divorce is fading

The stigma around filing for divorce has changed and virtually disappeared through the years. People aged 50 or older were raised when divorce was unheard of and considered “taboo.” Today, this is not the case. 

Society accepts divorce as normal, and those in this age bracket are adapting to this way of thinking. As a result, older individuals now realize they can move on with their lives after divorce and no longer worry about the social stigma associated with it. 

People live longer, and grow apart over time

When people first get married, they usually start families and focus on their careers. This leaves them a lot of time apart from their spouse. However, in the golden years, the couple is together a lot more, and their children are usually adults and have moved out. 

Some people realize that they do not have as much in common with their spouse as they did in the past, which can lead to divorce. Additionally, people are living longer than before. Many couples in their 50s realize they do not want to spend the next two to three decades with the person to whom they are married.

Understanding gray divorce

As you can see, gray divorce is now common and considered normal. If you decide to file for divorce later in life, there are unique considerations you must make, such as dividing retirement and pensions. Knowing your legal rights and options will help you navigate this process.