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Why an empty nest can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2023 | Divorce

There are many reasons that people get divorced, usually dealing with personal factors between the two of them. These could be as dramatic as finding out that one person has been engaged in an extramarital affair, but they could also be as minor as two people feeling like they have just drifted apart over time and they are no longer romantically connected.

However, outside pressures often play a major role among couples who decide to get divorced. One example of this is when the couple becomes empty-nesters, meaning that they no longer have children in the home. Those children may have moved out and gotten married or gone to college, for instance. But why would this cause a couple to get divorced?

Reassessing their relationship

What can sometimes happen is that a couple will get married and then have children, and they will switch over to a mindset where they are focused on being parents. They are dedicated to providing the life that they want for their children, which is certainly a good thing, and they work together to parent those kids.

However, when the children move out of the house, they realize that they have not been focusing at all on their own relationship, perhaps for as long as two decades. Some couples will drift apart, without even realizing it’s happening, and they will have to reassess what they want out of that relationship once the children have grown up. 

If you are in a situation where this means you and your spouse are going to get divorced, take the time to look into all of the legal options at your disposal.