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Where will you live during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Divorce

One issue divorcing couples face is how to handle living arrangements. If you are divorcing only because you’ve become more like friends than lovers, then staying together while you resolve things probably won’t be a big deal.

Yet most couples have more compelling reasons to divorce, often involving deep-seated hurt. You probably do not want to share your house with a spouse you discovered has been cheating on you. You are safer not staying with someone who manipulates and abuses you. If you are divorcing because you can no longer stand the sight of your spouse, every extra minute together may be too long.

Therefore, you may want to live apart as soon as possible

Maybe your ideal situation is for your spouse to pack their bags and move out. Or perhaps it is you considering doing it. Either way, you need to get legal help to understand if there are any implications relating to your children or the property.

Once you understand that, you can then look at the financial side. Divorce will probably make the finances tight for a while, so you need to be realistic about whether you can afford to pay for an extra living space right now or whether you should wait until you finalize the divorce to save a few months of rent.

If you have children together, you might consider birdnesting

This means that the children stay living in one place, while you are parents take time to live with them. It’s you as parents that move between accommodations, not the kids. This can provide much-needed stability for them. It can also make your lives easier as parents. For instance, you will avoid those last-minute panics where one of you has to run your child’s sports kit or homework to school because it was in the wrong house.

Consider legal help to guide your decisions in a divorce.