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What is supervised visitation?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Divorce

Custody issues can be difficult to settle sometimes, and when parents cannot agree, it is up to the family court to decide on such matters. Generally, the family court prefers both parents to be actively involved in the upbringing of the child. However, the best interests of the child is always the number one criterion.

Sometimes, the family court may decide that supervised visitation is in the best interests of the child. What is supervised visitation and when might this be necessary?

A controlled environment

Supervised visitation is all about providing a controlled environment for the children. To guarantee this, the court will demand that another responsible adult be present at all times during the visit. Often, the visit will take place in a designated visitation center but it can occasionally happen in the home setting.

Why might supervised visitation be necessary?

Supervised visitation will generally be called for when there are any potential risks in terms of the child’s safety. For instance, if the parent has a history of being abusive. This type of visit can also happen if a parent is recovering from an illness, or facing some challenges in terms of substance addictions.

Is it a permanent measure?

The courts do have the final say in how long supervised visitation will be in place, but it is usually a temporary measure. Again, the family court will use its discretion based on the best interests of the child.

As a parent, the safety of your child is pivotal. If you feel your current custody arrangement is not working, make sure you seek legal guidance to explore the possibility of making custody modifications.