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Financial and health concerns that lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Divorce

Your wedding vows likely included a list of hardships that your marriage will overcome, even death. You may believe, no matter what happens in your marriage: if you’re rich, poor, healthy or sick, that your partner will always be there by your side. That is until you and your spouse suddenly face financial or health difficulties. 

Some spouses stick with their partner no matter how hard times get, even if that means putting aside their life for their spouses. However, your spouse may not have been ready for such difficulties as overwhelming medical debt, cancer or life-long medical illnesses. Ultimately, these difficulties can lead your spouse to question their marital commitment. 

Why does this happen? Here’s what you should know: 

Life changes, and fast

Many people commit to their relationship while they are still young and healthy. This way, couples are often more independent while still finding the pleasure of having the other in their life. People are often under the impression that with age comes more health difficulties, and they prepare for that if they want to grow old together.

Sudden illness or medical conditions, however, can disrupt the balance of a marriage dynamic at any time — even when couples are young. When one spouse gets sick, the other may need to step in and perform more duties, such as caring for their spouse, sometimes around the clock. This can put a damper on savings, disrupt a spouse’s dreams or cause increasing medical debt.

This is just one example of how illness and finances often go hand-in-hand. Some medical conditions require life-long treatment and you may find your spouse distancing themselves because of this. You may need to know your legal options if this is happening to you.