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Tips for working out child custody terms

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Family Law

Parents who are divorcing have to come up with child custody terms that are in the child’s best interests. Being able to work together to come up with those terms is beneficial because nobody knows your children like you and your ex. 

Negotiating the terms of the child custody agreement won’t be easy. There are ways that you can make this a bit easier. For example, you can communicate in a calm, business-like manner, which can help to resolve issues instead of making everyone tense and upset. Here are two additional tips you may find useful:

Leave the past alone

The transition from being in a romantic relationship to being a parenting team can be a challenge. Instead of focusing on the things that led to the end of the marriage, focus on what’s best for the children. The only exception to this is if either party was negligent or abusive because those may have to play a role in the custody decisions. 

Remain flexible

Being flexible while co-parenting can make the situation easier for everyone. You still need to set your boundaries so your ex isn’t pushing you around, but make sure they’re realistic. One area that might benefit greatly from flexibility is the parenting time schedule. Instead of being stuck on what the schedule says, be sure the children have the ability to spend time with family members and attend enriching activities. 

You and your ex should try to come up with the parenting plan as quickly as you can so everyone involved can start to get accustomed to the new way of life. Working with someone who’s familiar with your case is beneficial because they can help you come up with potential solutions to issues that come up.