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What is the main thing that couples fight about?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Divorce

Under no-fault divorce laws, you don’t necessarily need to have a reason to get divorced. Many people just say that the marriage is permanently broken or that they have irreconcilable differences. They are not required to prove that their spouse was unfaithful or anything of this nature. 

A lot of couples simply say that they argue a lot and they’re not happy in the relationship. They know that they deserve to be happy, so they want to leave the marriage even though nothing major has occurred. The constant conflict is just too much. So, what do they argue about that leads to these divorce cases?

Most arguments involve finances

Financial issues are at the heart of the majority of major arguments the couples have. These can take a number of different forms. For instance, some couples struggle to make ends meet or one person may have trouble holding down a job. This could lead their spouse to blame them for all of the financial issues that the family is facing. 

But even couples with a lot of money can run into the same issues. They may argue about how to spend their money or whether or not they should save more. They may often feel just as strapped for cash as someone with a lower budget, simply because all their costs are higher. Financial troubles can strike in any relationship. 

Are you getting divorced?

If you and your spouse run into some disagreements over your finances, or anything else, you may be considering ending the relationship. If you are, it’s critical for you to understand exactly what legal steps to take.